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Sales and enquiries ONLY: +44 3333 447525 Stay Connected:



Now you can have your own support.

How do I get access to my subscription?

Our order team will contact you after we receive your order. In case of any delay/issues, please send us details using our contact page with your order reference number and date of purchase.

How do I reset/unlock my account password?

Cloud Hosting Clients Raise A ticket option from our homepage. If you already enrolled for self-service, follow the link for self-service portal Choice Drive Browse to the Choice drive homepage at and click on forgot password.

Do you accept invoice payment?

Yes. Please contact us for wire transfer options ONLY for Business customers.

I lost my Multi Factor Authentication enabled phone without recovery codes backup

Unfortunately, we are NOT able to recover your files in this case because we do NOT have access to your private data. We can delete your account and recreate while all synced data will be lost.

How do I restore my backup when I forgot my encryption key?

We do not store your encryption key online as you are the sole owner of your data, you will NOT be able to restore your backed up data in this case. We encourage the clients to have a scheduled restore test from time to time as a fire drill and do not wait for the actual disaster to happen.

Why is my Credit/Debit Charge statement shows?

The charge on your card will indicate Fastspring. We use Fastspring as our authorized reseller and online payment Merchant.

Will my subscription automatically renew?


Can I Cancel my subscriptions or manage my account/update my Card?

Yes. Follow the link for Account Management.

What is the difference between Choice Drive and Cloud Backup?

Choice Drive is a file and folder synchronization across multiple devices just like Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive while Cloud Backup is a complete and automatic copy of your entire system image with restore to a point in time. In case your server crashes, you can restore the entire system from the backup. The workstations backup is only limited to files and folders with certain exclusions on file and media types.

My Primary Choiceclouds Apps server crashed, how do I rehost my license unto another server or reinstallation on the same host?

As long as you have a valid support license, raise a ticket with your order details and we will re-issue a new license to rehost. Subject to terms and conditions.

Any other support request?

Raise a ticket to our support/billing team.

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