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Sales and enquiries ONLY: +44 3333 447525 Stay Connected:

Features Of MySchoolCloud

MySchoolCloud is the best choice for an “out of the box” School Management Software that efficiently simplifies and automates the daily tasks of your School

Learning Management System

This service offers Institutions of all purposes, (ranging from educational, to training, and to professional Institutes) an efficient platform by which they can provide instant e-Learning services to their students/subscribers/members via tools such as video, file document, online quiz, live streaming as well as, manage courses, subscriptions and accept online payment for courses. Our LMS is compatible with all devices, user-friendly, and available in app format. It is a Standalone service, but also available as an Add-On in our Pro Plan at an extra fee.

Student Admission

Choicecloud admission process automates the various steps involved in the admission of students, including registration, document submission, advance fee submission.

Computer Based Test (CBT) Module

This is a feature allows examiners to schedule exams, test and grade students online. It optimally serves various levels in various Institutions across all boards, for conducting employee on-boarding interviews, internal organizational promotional exams, semestral and terminal exams. The CBT Module is an existing module in our school management software but is also available as a Standalone service.

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